Interested in being a model to help our students learn and perfect their skills?

Please download and read the PDF relating to the service(s) you are interested in below. Once you have done this and you are happy to proceed, purchase to continue. You will receive an email post-purchase which will guide you to the next steps including whether you have been asked by a friend to be a model for their session and for details of the training.

 Select the service below to understand the requirements:

As a model, your treatment will be complimentary on that day, while the students are learning, helping to improve their techniques and grow their confidence. Your payment is to ensure that you are committed to the day and this will be refunded in full upon completion.
Every training is overseen by a certified professional in a fully supervised environment.
As models are important for the student to apply the learning you are a real asset and there is a level of responsibility for us to ensure your suitability, safety and comfort.

Please do not proceed if you:
  1. Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  2. Not comfortable to be a model in a learning environment
  3. Have previous allergies or reactions to products and is not contraindicated (see PDF relating to the service(s) you are interested in)
  4. Have a tendency to cancel at the last minute, as you will lose your refund!