Course Outline

This course is suited to the intermediate or experienced Classic Lash Extensions Technician and teaches the student the art of Russian Volume eyelash extensions, which shows techniques on how to create more volume by adding multiple eyelash extensions to one natural lash, giving your client a fuller and more dramatic set of eyelash extensions.

The art of volume eyelash extensions requires practice and is very specialised, but once you master the application and techniques many clients prefer having volume extensions compared to classic extensions.

Prerequisite: intermediate or experienced Classic Lash Extensions Technician

Students should have a minimum 6 months experience of classic lash extensions application.

Course Information


Our Elleebana Beginners Volume Course duration runs for 2 consecutive days
Day one 

Starts 9.30am 

Morning tea at 11:15am for 15 mins

Lunch break from 1:30pm – 2.00pm.

Finishes at 5.00pm.

Day two 

Starts 9:30am 

Morning Tea at 10:30am for 15 mins

Lunch break from 12:15pm – 12:45pm

Finishes at 5:00pm.


Le Beauty Richmond, Victoria 3121. 

Please note:

Your selected date may change depending on the availability of your trainer.

Alternatively, our educators are super flexible, if you are unable to find a suitable training date and time, please contact us HERE

This is not an online course, it is a highly practical class.

Kit Included

Kit includes a product to the value of $435. 

Course kit inclusions:
Elleebana Beginners Volume Manual
Certificate of completion in volume eyelash extensions
Elleebana Volume Eyelash Extensions Kit containing:
Elleebana Ultra Bond x 5ml adhesive
B 0.07 mixed tray
C 0.07 mixed tray
D 0.07 mixed tray
C 0.05 mixed tray
Jade stone
Eye pads
Elleebana Makeup Remover & Cleanser 30ml
Squeeze bottle – use with cleanser 10ml
Doe foot applicators (50pk)
Adhesive remover
Mascara wands
L-type tweezer
Pro angle CVD tweezers
I-type tweezers
Micropore tape
Lash pallete


Students are required to provide two models - one on each day

  • Model 1 at 2:00 pm on Day 1
  • Model 2 at 1:00 pm on Day 2

This will be confirmed at least a week prior to training.

Failure to provide a model on the day may result in being unable to sit the training and loss of your fees. Refer to 'Cancellations within 7days' under the 'Cancellation Policy' tab.

If you are contraindicated, please let us know as you may be required to arrange a model.

  • Model’s lashes should be strong and healthy
  • No lash extensions or lifting for the previous 12 weeks
  • Medium length lashes
  • Cannot be pregnant
  • Model is comfortable having their eyes closed for more than 2.5hrs
  • No previous allergies or reactions to products and is not contraindicated

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