Course Outline

This course has been developed as the introduction to colour craft and brow allowing you to create fuller, thicker and defined brows for your clients. Our course is a full day loaded with a comprehensive theory manual with myth busting sessions and a detailed understanding of the industry's hottest topics together with some techniques not readily showcased in other training. During your two (2) guided brow henna applications you will be assessed on your clients skin tone assessments, hair colour assessments and shape perfecting skills. This application of your understanding to the practical side is a key element in our assessment phase to ensure you leave with the best possible knowledge retention and ability to boost your brow business like never before.

Prerequisite: None

Course Information: This course runs for 6+ hours in Richmond, Victoria 3121

If you are unable to find a suitable training date and time, please contact us.

This is not an online course, it is a highly practical class.

Students are required to provide three models. Failure to provide a model will result in being unable to sit the training and loss of your fees. Refer to 'Models' tab to see requirements for your models. Refer to 'Cancellations within 7days' under the 'Cancellation Policy' tab.

Kit Included

Includes full sized kit valued at $372.50. This kit will enable you to perform a total of 700 applications (7 colours with approximately 100 applications each). The comprehensive Elleebana Brow Henna training manual.


You are required to bring Two models on the day.

Student Model time: 1.15 pm
Student Model time: 2.15 pm

    Model requirements:

    • Cannot be pregnant
    • Models must not be sunburnt
    • No hypersensitivity eyes or skin
    • Must not have has recent micro blading or tattoo to the brow area
    • Botox and filler must have ok from the administrator first
    • Have no visible cuts and abrasions in the area
    • No previous allergies or reactions to products and is not contraindicated
    • Models are required to arrive with no makeup on and previously has not had tanning products on the face the last 24 hours