Requirements for Face-to-Face Training

  • Proof of Vaccination (certificate or medical contraindication) required upon booking (for both you and your models) and to be bought with you on your day of training (no proof = no training & no refunds)
  • Classes will be kept one-on-one for safety and models will only be permitted in the room during the hands-on part of the training.
  • Use our QR code when you and your models arrive to check in
  • Both you and your models must wear a mask to be worn the entire time to your training
  • Sanitise your hands

Thanks to the wonderful work done by the Victorian community we can now commence training. As a business we are faced with more challenges than ever before, and being one of the most hard-hit industries, our priority is to reopen our doors so we can commence recovery.

In order to achieve this, we are required to follow strict guidelines meaning restricting all students without a vaccination certificate (unless a medical contraindication is provided). We understand that there may be those that will be unhappy when restricted from entering and we sincerely hope for your support and understanding during this transition.

Please support our trainers and staff who have endured so much during this time of great uncertainty. As a business owner, I have the responsibility to bring them back to work as safely as possible.

We all hope that this pandemic situation will evolve and we will be able to accept everyone without limitation in the near future.