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Let one of the most in-demand Brow Stylists in the world mentor and guide you 
through her master techniques of 4 different Brow Styling services.



Series I Tinting

In this initial chapter of the Brow Masterclass series, Melanie showcases her entire tinting method as seen on @melaniemarriseyebrowstylist. It is a very thorough and in depth, slowed down tutorial explaining the fundamentals of the highly sought after MM Brow Tinting.
You'll Learn:
✔ Brow mapping to tint
✔ MM Application & technique styles
✔ Processing & application time
✔ Mixing tint to the perfect consistency/ratios
✔ How to get crisp lines
✔ MM removal method
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AUD$299 // ONLY $249 with code

Series II Waxing

After the success of the first Virtual Brow Masterclass, Melanie Marris continues this series with an in-depth learning experience on how she waxes eyebrows. Now is the time to learn what they don't teach you in beauty college about hot waxing. Bonus footage included with brief tinting (not as in-depth as series I) and trimming!
You'll Learn:
✔ How to hold your pop stick properly
✔ How to twirl hot wax properly
✔ How to apply hot wax properly
✔ Wax temperature & consistency
✔ How to get crisp lines using hot wax
✔ How close to go to the brow
✔ How to break the brow up into sections
bonus: Additional brow shaping
bonus: MM trimming
bonus: Hot wax product knowledge
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Series III Henna

Using the world famous Indus Valley Brow Code Henna let one of the most in demand brow stylists in the world guide you through her application techniques, tips and tricks on an easy to follow way of applying henna to the brows. Let Melanie talk you through and showcase 3 different immaculate Brow Henna applications on 3 different models.
You'll Learn:
✔ How to mix Brow Henna
✔ Tips & tricks
✔ How to achieve a smooth application
✔ How long to leave henna on for optimum stain
✔ How to apply for maximum results
✔ How to achieve sleek and defined lines
✔ What not to do when applying
✔ How long to leave the henna on
AUD$299 // ONLY $249 with code

Series IV Lamination

By the end of 2019, Brow Lamination was taking the brow industry by storm. Brow Code was one of the first to launch it's now world famous Lustre Brow Lamination. This is now used by thousands of artists from all over the world. Let Melanie talk, guide you through and showcase 5 different Brow Lamination looks on 5 different models!
You'll Learn:
✔ How to create full & fluffy brows
✔ How to process the 3 step Lustre Brow Code Lamination Kit
✔ Duration to use
✔ When to use tint within the method
✔ How to apply Lamination
✔ Tips & tricks
✔ What can go wrong and why
✔ What not to do when applying
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(provides approximately 15-18 services per kit)
AUD$299 // ONLY $249 with code

These classes are designed for anyone wanting to learn or advance their skills in brow styling. 
You do not need any certification or prerequisites to complete this course. 


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You are learning a self taught method that is successfully implemented into salon's which are globally recognised
for their consistency, eye for details and precision. 
You will be learning tips and tricks from an experienced, passionate and professional business woman with 
many successes within the industry. Melanie's art and business ethics are in high demand around the globe. 
All participants of the Melanie Marris Virtual Brow Masterclass will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. 
* All certificates will be sent in 7 days of purchase, it does not certify you with a government accreditation. 
"I just learned a lot. I have been doing brows for years, but this is taking me to
another level! I'm so happy!" - Fride Svae
"I loved learning from Melanie her tips & tricks for how to create gorgeous brows
with her easy to follow steps" - Karla McDiarmid