How to Get Back into the Beauty Industry After a Career Break

How to Get Back into the Beauty Industry After a Career Break

Getting back to work after time off can be a bit intimidating. Whether due to mat leave or life circumstances, a career break is nothing to be ashamed of. However, in the beauty industry, it's important to take the right steps to get your skills up to date and ready to return to work. 

Get on Google 

First things first, find out where you need to catch up. The beauty industry is constantly evolving and improving, so there's a good chance a thing or two has changed in your absence. Browse through your favourite blogs and professional beauty magazines to catch up on what's currently brewing in the beauty industry. Don't get overwhelmed as you discover new products and policies, it's actually an exciting chance to learn and grow! 

Take on Training 

Once you've found an area you'd like to learn more in, research what training options are available to you. For example, if you specialise in brows & lashes you may have missed out on brow lamination training during your career break. This new treatment is quickly taking the Australian beauty industry by storm and we highly suggest upskilling to offer this service to your clients!

Check out our blog post to learn more about the benefits of professional beauty training. 

Apply, Apply, Apply

"I love job hunting!" said no one ever. Looking for work isn't always a joy, but with the right attitude and patience, it need not be a drag! Start by making sure your CV and Linkedin are ready to go and include any new training or certifications you've obtained. Be proactive and approach your local businesses directly while keeping your eye on job boards.

Don't let your career break be the cause of your insecurities. Simply get your skills up-to-date, apply smart and dive in! Your dream beauty career awaits! 

July 30, 2020 — Victoria Maybee
What are the Benefits of Professional Beauty Training?

What are the Benefits of Professional Beauty Training?

Feeling like your beauty business needs a boost? Hands-on professional training might be exactly what you need! Completing a professional beauty training course can absolutely transform your business. Whether you're looking to take on a brand new skill or upgrade your technique, a beauty course will help you find the confidence you're craving! 

Find Your Footing OR Refresh Your Knowledge

Recent Grads: Taking your first steps into the workforce after beauty school can be stressful. Depending on what you studied, you may have found an area of the industry that interests you most. After covering so many subjects in school, further training can be extremely valuable to help you focus your interests and find your specialty.

After a Career Break: Time away from the industry can leave your confidence cup feeling a bit empty. Bridge the gap and find your footing again by taking a professional beauty training course. You'll have the opportunity to find out the latest tips and techniques to make sure your skills are up to date and ready to return to work!

Upskill to Upsell

Professional beauty training can be the perfect boost to your business. If you've been feeling a bit stagnant in your sales it might be time to learn a new skill so you can expand the services you offer your clients. If you've already built up a client base in a particular service you're in a great position to become their go-to beauty therapist! You'll be able to give your clients the option to book more services with you after you take a new course in tanning, waxing, lashes or brows!  

Enjoy Expert Guidance



Enrolling in a professional beauty training course gives you the chance to learn first-hand with an expert in the industry. Taking a hands-on class also allows the expert to watch your work and offer personalised suggestions.  

Keen to get growing, but not sure where to start? at Le Beauty we offer hands-on training in a variety of disciplines including tanning, waxing, nail, lash, and brow tech. Whether you're looking for individual or group training, our state of the art Richmond facilities offers the perfect environment to get going! Head to our training section to learn more.

July 30, 2020 — Victoria Maybee